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Why Choose Grace Personal Trainers Melbourne:

At Grace Gomez Personal Trainers Melbourne, our helpful staff and friendly atmosphere will greatly contribute to making your next training session both enjoyable and effective.

Clients can look forward to exercising with our state of the art equipment and enjoying modern facilities in the Goodlife Gym conveniently located at the Northland Shopping Centre in Preston.

Our Personal Training Services:

Weight Loss, Body Toning & Reshaping

Body Transformations & Body Sculpting

Building Lean Muscle Mass & Strength Training

General Health, Well Being & Bootcamps

Personal Training & Group Training, and more!

Among the best Melbourne Personal Trainer Services are on offer in these suburbs:

Preston, Reservoir, Thornbury, Northcote, Brunswick, Coburg, Bundoora, Pascoe Vale, Essendon and Moornee Ponds.

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Experience Personal Growth and Wellbeing with Grace Personal Trainers Melbourne:

It has been said “a healthy mind is a healthy body” we say that having a healthy body reduces the everyday life stressors that can affect the mind, so staying healthy will mean you stay happy!

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